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Hi Aman,

Thanks for sharing such a wonderful posts and strategies. I have been following you since long and now i work as a fulltime blogger Janet Renolds

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I am from Telangana and i have very much interested to start my own blog and your blog posts has really helped me in doing so. Hope to get more such wonderful posts from you. Rizwan Nafiz Alam

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Techno Amnj

Techno Amnj


I got into the field of digital marketing by accident. It was not planned. However, I am happy where I have reached.

I graduated from college in 2018, I had no job, had to wait for a year to get the joining date and my dad’s company wasn’t big enough for me to engage myself full time. All that empty space and time had to create something out of it.

I was a regular reader of different magazines and blogs at that time. I came across an article which talked about how one can earn revenue from blogging and AdSense. I got inspired. If I could earn some money from home then it would be nice.

Eventually I learned that one needs a lot of traffic to earn revenue from ads. And to get a lot of traffic, one needs to have quality content. I also learned that it is always better to have your own domain so that you can control the brand.So that’s hoe i started my first business.

You can read more about Techno-Amnj at About page.

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